7/7/04 - Some minor adjustments. Hopefully, more pictures to be added within the next several months! It's VERY time consuming! The Dearly Depart obits page is all current, as is the celebrity list for Forest Lawn, Glendale.. The Bookstore has also been updated, with new books added and easier purchasing.

12/10/03 - Another redesign! I am doing this little by little, so there are some pages that haven't been redesigned. Also, grave pics aren't up yet. My goal is to start adding them after the new year. Keep checking back!

9/11/01 - Redesign! - Welcome to my redesign. Hopefully it looks less "personal-pagey" and a little more professional. There are many new items but no pictures uploaded just yet. Hopefully by the end of this month but no later than the end of October. Please check back here for an update.