Rose Hills is the largest cemetery in the world. Located in the hills of Whittier, it is on both sides of Workman Mill Road. Rose Hills started out as the Whittier Comm


Ailey, Alvin, Jr. - d. December 1, 1989 - Dancer, choreographer, founder of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. He also had an uncredited solo dance role in the movie, "Carmen Jones".


Barber, Carl Jerome 'Jerry' - d. September 23, 1994 - Professional Golfer

Location: Garden of Reflection

Barnett, Griff - d. January 12, 1958 - Actor, usually in suporting roles playing judges or doctors.

Location: Cypress Lawn, Lot 1435, Grave 1

Bradley, Curley (George Courtney) - d. 1985 - Did one movie with Gene Autry, "In Old Monterey".

Location: Cherry Blossom Garden, Lot 62, Grave B

Burell, Maurice Edwards "Ted Edwards" - d. 1945 - Actor, "Keystone Kop." Was also in the Chaplin movie, "A Dog's Life".

Location: Ivy Lawn, Lot 744, Grave 2

Carey, Timothy - d. 1994 - Charactor actor, famous for roles in "East of Eden" and "The Killings". Was also in the John Cassevetes film, "Minnie and Moskowitz".

Location: Sunshine, Lot 2482, Gr 1

Chandler, Robert b. 1949. d. 1995 - Football player, played with the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders. Good friend of O.J. Simpson.

Location: The Gardens, Private family estate Lot 7AA, Grave 1 (private garden)

Gough, John - d. 196 - Silent screen actor

Location: Garden of Rememberance, Lot 394, Grave 1

Hood, Wally, Sr. - d. 1965 - Baseball player

Location: Whispering Pines, Lot 5167, Grave 4

Hopper, William - d. March 6, 1970 - Actor, most famous for playing Paul Drake on the television series, "Perry Mason". Also played Natalie Wood's father in "Rebel Without a Cause". He was also the son of gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper.

Location: Memorial Urn Garden, Space 201

Horton, Clara (Laufer) - d. December 4, 1976 - Silent actress

Location: Alderlawn, Lot 6303, Lot 1

Jenkins, Augustus - d. 1985 - R & B Pianist

Location: Garden of Commemoration, Lot 5110, Grave 4

Jones, Thomas Craig "TC" - d. 1971 - Female impersonator and actor.

Location: Skyview Lawn, Lot 1207, Grave 4

Knight, Goodwin - d. 1970 - Governor of California (1953-59)

Location: Mausoleum, Crypt 1571, #C

Lasorda, Tom, Jr. - d. 1991 - Son of Tommy Lasorda of the Dodgers.

Location: The Gardens, Lot 1824, Grave 1

Laughlin, Billy "Froggy" (William Robert) -. d. 1948- Played Froggy on "The Little Rascals."

Location: Myrtle Lawn, Lot 743, (Curb #1011). Look for 1011 on the curb in that section. Go down about 3 to 4 rows, turn right and walk (I believe) about 16 graves. His father and mother are with him, she just died I think it was 1999 or 2000.

Luke, Keye - d. January 12, 1991 - Actor, he is best known for playing "Number One Son" in the Charlie Chan movies and playing Master Po in the "Kung Fu" television show.

Location: Memorial Chapel Garden, Lot 434, Grave 2

Lyman, William Roy "Link" - d. 1972 - Football player with the Chicago Bears.

Location: Suncrest, Lot 1663, Grave 1

MacDonald, Dave - d. 1964 - Race car driver

Location: Garden of Rest, Lot 8034, Grave 1

Mackie, Robin - d. 1993 - Son of clothes and costume designer, Bob Mackie.

Location: Vista Lawn, Lot 6849, Grave 4

Meusel, Robert - d. 1977 - Baseball player with the New York Yankees.

Location: Garden of Prayer, Lot 5310, Grave 1

Moore, Zulah Ida -. d. 1964 - Actress

Location: Olendar, Lot 527, Grave 2

Ngor, Haing S. -. d. February 25, 1996 -Doctor (OB/gyn) and actor. Dr. Ngor was a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia and a slave laborer for the Khmer Rouge. He escaped and refugeed to the United States. Not a formal actor, he was spotted by a casting director and was cast in the role of photographer Dith Pram in the movie, "The Killing Fields", for which he won a best supporting actor Academy Award. Dr. Ngor survived the killing fields only to be gunned down in the parking garage of his Los Angeles apartment building.

Location: Alpine Terrace, lot 2274, grave 2. Find curb number 3073, go up nine rows, then over eight spaces

Nixon, Frank - d. 1956 - Father of US president Richard Nixon.

Location: Sunset Lawn, Lot 47, Grave 3 & 4

Nixon, Hanna - d. 1967 - Mother of US president Richard Nixon.

Location: Sunset Lawn, Lot 47, Grave 3 & 4

Snyder, Lillian - d. 1961 - Silent actress appearing in only one movie, the 1918 war drama "Hearts of Love."

Location: Maple Lawn

Thompson, Mickey - d. 1988 - Race car driver and motorcross entreprenuer. Thompson and his wife were murdered execution style at their home. The case remains unsolved.

Location: Garden of reflection, Lot 1576, Grave 1 & 2

Wright, Eric "Eazy-E" - d. March 26, 1995 - Rapper-singer and founder of the rap group, N.W.A.

Location: Lupine Lawn, Lot 2482, Gr 1


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