Home of Peace is a very nice cemetery in East Los Angeles. There are a handful of notables here and if you combine Home of Peace and Calvary Cemetery (which is right across the street) in one day, you will get a full day of cemetery hunting. They do not have a celebrity list (at least last time I went there) but if you need to find someone, the people in the office are extremely nice and will help you out. Please be careful. This is not a very good neighborhood. The cemeteries are safe enough but please take a map and don't venture off the main streets into the neighborhoods.


Fanny Brice - Actress - d. May 29, 1951 - Comedienne, famous for playing characters on the radio, like Baby Snooks. (Original interrment site)

Location: Fanny has been moved from Home of Peace and now rests at Westwood Memorial Park. 

(Ephraim) Boake Carter - d. November 16, 1944 Conservative Radio Commentator. He gained fame by coining the phrase, "In time of war, the first casualty is truth."

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Harmony, Crypt 219

Clayton, Lou - d. September 12, 1950 - Vaudevillian. He was part of the "Clayton, Jackson and Durante" Vaudeville act with Jimmy Durante and Eddie Jackson.

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Immortality, Crypt 212

Harry Einstein - Comedian known as ParkyerKarKus and father to Albert Brooks and David (Super Dave Osborn) Einstein.

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Eternal Light

Leo F. Forbstein - d. March 16, 1948 - Warner Brothers musical director and composer. Three times nominated, he won an Academy Award for Best Score (the first one ever given in this category) for the movie "Anthony Adverse".

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Immortality, Crypt 205

Jerome "Curly" Howard - Actor, Curly of the "Three Stooges" and brother to Shemp and Moe.

Location: Western Jewish Institute Section, SW Cornor, Plot 1, five rows back

Shemp Howard - Actor, Shemp of the "Three Stooges" and brother to Curly and Moe.

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Eternal Light Corridor, EW215

Carl Laemmle - Film Executive, founder of Universal Pictures

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, in the Laemmle Family Room

Louis B. Mayer - Film Executive, head of MGM

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Immortality, SW 405

Kurt Neumann - Director

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Eternal Life

Harry Rapf - Producer, MGM and one of the 36 founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS)

Location: Chapel Mausoleum, Corridor of Immortality

Mark Sandrich - d. March 4, 1945 - Director, famous for directing five of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies (The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, Follow the Fleet, Shall We Dance, Carefree) and some of Jack Benny's movies.

Location: Section A, Plot 80, Grave 1

Schlank, Morris - d. June 29, 1932 - Producer during the silent era.

Location: Addition 1, Row 4, Grave 33

Stern, Abe - d. July 12, 1951 Producer during the silent era.

Location: Mausoleum, Corridor of Solace, Crypt 107A

Harry Warner - Film Executive. Warner Bros. Studio

Location: Warner Mausoleum, Section D, plot 16. From the road in front of the Chapel Mausoleum, there are several private mausoleums. Theirs is five from the road.

Jack Warner - Film Executive, head of Warner Bros. Studio

Location: Joshua Section, right next to the road. Look for a small fountain.

Sam Warner - Film Executive, Warner Bros. Studio

Location: In the Mausoleum (no specific site listed)

Charles Vidor - Director (do not confuse with King Vidor), famous for directing the film, "Gilda" and "A Farewell to Arms".

Location: Warner Family Mausoleum (See Harry Warner)


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