Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get. If your question is not answered here, please email the webmaster.

Okay, I need to make this very, very clear:


Please, not email me, asking me where your great-aunt Matilda is buried at such and such cemetery. Most cemeteries are vast, with thousands of people buried within them and I only know where the celebrities are buried. You can call any cemetery and ask them where your relatives are buried. They will be more than happy to tell you.


Are you connected with any cemetery, mortuary or with the funeral industry in general?

No, I am not. I have absolutely no affiliations with the funeral industry. I cannot give references, advice, or contacts to anyone in the funeral industry.

Can you help me contact Tyler Cassity, the owner of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA?

No, I cannot. I have no affiliation to Mr. Cassity and I cannot help people contact him. If you wish to aquire information regarding Hollywood Forever Cemetery, please go to Please do not email me with letters or requests for Mr. Cassity. The emails will be ignored.

• Do you accept picture submissions?

No, I'm afraid I don't. All photographs on Hollywood Underground are my own photographs. I don't accept submissions for various reasons.......fear of viruses, not enough time to put up and credit everyone who sends me submissions, etc. If you would like to submit grave photographs, Jim Tipton at Find-A-Grave takes them.

• I am looking for the grave of my great uncle (or aunt, or grandparent, etc). Can you help me?

No, I can't, unfortunately. I only specialize in celebrity graves. I don't do genealogy. Sorry.

• I am looking for the grave of an actor (or actress, director, etc.). Can you help me?

Email me and if I don't know, I can submit it to my mailing list and someone there might know. I might not get back to you right away, due to the volume of mail I receive. If I get an answer, I will mail you back. You can also check out Jim Tipton will undoubtedly have the location there!

• Why don't you have pictures of celebrities from other states?

I only specialize in Los Angeles area cemeteries. If you are looking for out of Los Angeles celebrities, please see

• Can you add a link to my website to your links page?

Sure! Just send me your URL and I would be more than happy to check your website out for consideration for my links page!

• Where do you find out where these people are buried?

Mostly word of mouth. I do use some books (check out my Bookstore). But mostly from my Mailing List and from you folks that email me.

• I went to a cemetery but my favorite stars were in private rooms and I couldn't get to them. Is there any way around this?

I do not encourage the breaking of rules in a cemetery, nor do I encourage trespassing. You can ask the office if there is any way you can visit. If they say no, you are probably out of luck. Sorry.