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Saturday, September 2, 2006 9:03 PM

There have been reports of vandalism and of people bothering mourners while grave hunting. Please, be respectful of property and of people who are mourning. Also, please use the proper decorum in a cemetery. While it is fun for us, people are there burying their loved ones or visiting them and mourning their deaths. Please be considerate. If you see family members of the stars, PLEASE, do not disturb them. Treat them as you would treat any other mourner and give them the privacy they so richly deserve. Use good sense and common courtesy when visiting cemeteries. If cemeteries have rules about private areas (see Forest Lawn Glendale), PLEASE, respect their rules. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE TRESPASSING OR BREAKING RULES WHILE GRAVE HUNTING.

click here for a list of addresses and phone numbers for the cemeteries listed here.