George Burns

d. March 9, 1996

Comedian, American Icon. George was the quintessential showman, starting out in vaudeville. He was going nowhere fast when he met Gracie Allen. He partnered up with Allen, making her the straight man. No one laughed at George's jokes but did laughed at Gracie's straight lines. George, who realized that she had the true talent, became her straight man and her husband. They stayed married for forty years, until her death. George then went onto starring in a very successful Las Vegas act, played God in the "Oh, God" movies and won a Oscar for his role in "The Sunshine Boys" with Walter Matthau. For George, the role was bittersweet, since it was originally suppose to be played by his best friend, Jack Benny, who had died. George lived to be 100 but didnt get to play Cesaers Palace like he wanted to. He had slipped in the bathtub at home, causing a head injury, which he never fully recovered from. According to his son, Ron, George was buried with his gold watch, cigars in his one pocket, a deck of cards in the other (he was an avid bridge player) and sheet music in his key.


Freedom Mausoleum**, Sanctuary of Heritage, right hand side of the corridor, in the same crypt as his wife, Gracie Allen. As you go into the main entrance of the Freedom Mausoleum, hang a right. Sanctuary of Heritage is on the left hand side.

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