Wallace Beery

d. April 19, 1949

Character actor, famous for his roles in "Min and Bill", "The Champ", "Dinner at Eight", and "Treasure Island", amongst others. Usually played the tough, gruff, folksy parts. Wallace started out in the Ringling Bros. circus, then moved onto Broadway and then onto Hollywood, where he started out in the silents in the "Swedie" comedies (playing a maid!). He then moved onto character roles. He had also been married to Gloria Swanson, though their marriage only lasted two years due to Wallace's heavy drinking.


Vale of Memory, lot #2157-9808. Go to the road between Vale of Memory (on the right) and Vesperland on the left, near the intersection of Sunrise Slope, Vale of Memory and Vesperland. Look for a small tree and a metal bench with a large tree behind it. Walk between the bench and small tree and go up twelve rows. He is to the right.

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