Theda Bara

d. April 7, 1955

Silent actress, known as "The Vamp" for her sexy ways, Theda was the first "manufactured" star. Studio publicity had her the daughter of an artist and a concubine, when, in reality, she was the daughter of a Cincinnati tailor. She retired completely from films in 1926.


Great Mausoleum, Columbarium of Memory

To get to Columbarium of Memory, go to the main enterance to the Great Mausoleum, where the Last Supper Window is. Going to the Last Supper Window, hang a right where the corridor T's, instead of a left. On the right side is the Sanctuary of Benediction. The next corridor on the right is the Columbarium of Memory. These are all cremation niches and require A LOT of looking!

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