Gracie Allen

d. August 28, 1964

Vaudevillian, comedienne. Part of the team of "Burns and Allen" with her partner and husband, George Burns. Burns and Allen starred in vaudeville, movies, radio and television. Gracie was known best for her "Dumb Dora" act with George as her straight man. When George died, he was placed with Gracie and had her name placed before his on their crypt so that Gracie would get top billing for all eternity.


The Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage, right hand side of corridor, in the same crypt as her husband, George Burns. As you go into the main entrance of the Freedom Mausoleum, hang a right. Sanctuary of Heritage is on the left hand side. Gracie and George are on the right hand side. You can't miss them.

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